WeighIn.net - Your diet, your way.

WeighIn.net is aimed at helping you acheive your personal weight goals, with this in mind our team has created a host of useful features that provide guidance, support and motivation within a simple, easy to use environment.

The key idea behind WeighIn is motivation, our service provides a unique blend of tools to accomplish this, if you are kept motivated in acheiving your goals then you are much more likely to attain them.

WeighIn is much more than a weight tracking tool, it is an online community, by making use of our friends network you can build relationships with like minded people and by utilizing all of our features you can communicate, share data and compete with them. For example, our messaging system allows you to communicate with your friends to share advice and give support, while the charts area allows you to view your friends weight charts and compare them against your own. You can even create your very own page on the WeighIn site where you can let people know information about you, such as your interests and tastes.

Whether you wish to keep track of your weight on your own or as part of a growing community, WeighIn.net is the place for you.

Each of the sections below describe the features and benefits you will find within our site.

Personal Profile
Personal Profile
This is your place to store personal information about you, such as your name, address,age,height and weight. WeighIn uses some of this information to calculate guideline figures for you such as your ideal weight and daily calorie intake, access to your target weight is also provided so that you can easily modify your goal at any time. In addition your healthy weight range is displayed so that you can check that your chosen goal is a healthy goal.
Public Profile
Public Profile & MyPage
Every user account also receives access to its very own 'MyPage'. This is your own personal showcase on the weighin site, information you provide within the Public Profile will be displayed on your 'MyPage'. How much or how little information you provide is up to you. The Public Profile also allows you to choose whether you would like information such as your weight,journal and friends list available to other users throughout the site. If you intend on using the friends network then making more information available could increase your chances of making friends.
Weekly Weigh In
Weekly Weigh In
All WeighIn accounts allow you to make weekly weigh ins, doing this regularly will allow you to keep an complete history of your weight which can then be viewed using you weight chart. By using this alongside your journal you can see exactly what you were doing right or wrong at any moment in time.
Personalized Charts
Graphical Progress Chart
Every time you weigh in your weight is recorded, all of these weigh ins can then be viewed graphically within your own weight progress chart. This provides a visual representation of your progress which can help provide extra motivation. You can view up to 11 weeks worth of weight data at any one time and your chart can even show you what you should weigh in a few weeks time! If you are using the Friends Network you can even view and compare your friends charts.
Journal / Diary
Online Journal
The online journal is there for you everyday of the week and is an invaluable tool for helping you acheive your goals. Use this each day to keep records of how good (or how bad!) you have been. For example if you keep accurate notes of when you exercised or ate too much then you can use this in conjunction with your weight chart to see what works for you.
Friends Network
Friends Network
WeighIn.net really starts to shine when using the friends network to build relationships with other like minded individuals. By forming friendships with other users you can help boost your motivation by sharing your weight charts and comparing your weight loss, it's like having your very own diet club right there in the comfort of your own home. Even if you are self conscious about your weight you can benefit from the friends network because of the level of anonymity offered by the internet and you choose exactly what information you wish to share.
WeighIn features its own built in messaging system which provides you with the ability to contact anyone in your friends list. This is ideal for online communication as you do not need to share any personal email addresses or other contact details, all communication is done through the WeighIn messaging system. When you receive a message we will send an email to your registered email address to let you know.

Daily Calorie & Ideal Weight Guide

Using the information from your profile, WeighIn can provide you with an automatically calculated guide for your Daily Calorie Intake and Ideal Weight. You can then use this information to help plan your diet based on your own needs.

WeighIn is designed to be an aid in helping you acheive a healthy lifestyle and should be used alongside a healthy diet.


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