Welcome to Weighin.net

Weigh In Network offers sophisticated Bass Tournament Operations Software, meticulously crafted from two decades of hands-on experience in managing bass tournaments.


Why should I use this software?

Weighin.Net was developed for tournament directors who run events and don't have time for laptops or specialized PC programs. It allows you to manage events from your cell phone. The main focus is ease of use; it's easy to add anglers, teams, schedule events, and set up parameters for your specific needs. If you can use your cell phone at the ramp, you can use this software. The software saves everything in real-time, so there is no loss of data. The data resides on a server and is not only protected but also backed up. This same software is being used by one of the largest event holders for tournaments by number of events, and in the software's history, there has never been any data loss.

Do I need a website for this software?

No, Weighin.net provides all the storage, and computing power, schedule page, and live results

I'm not sure I can learn to use a computer program, is this for me?

This one of the main reasons Weigh Master Lite and Weigh Master Pro were devloped. You need no computer skills, if you can use a cell phone to look at the web, you can use Weigh In Network!

How much does Weighin.net software cost?

Can I demo the software?

Yes, You can do a 5 day software demo. For both Weigh Master Pro and Weigh Master Lite, when you register, you can choose "I want to learn more - free"

Is there training available?

Training is provide as you use the software with a help link of the menu for every tool used, there are also training document to assist users

Is there support?

What kind of tournaments can I run with Weigh Master?

The software is designed for team events, while it could be used for solo events, its intent for team events.

Are there any requirements to run the software?

At some location we run events I dont have a good internet connection, can I still use the software?

Does the software work with scales for auto input?

Not at this time, but this is coming soon.

Can I send out SMS to the field with Boat Numbers?

This functionality can be turned on for Custom users, however, the live page has a link for the anglers to see all of their data including boat numbers, weights, entry information.

Can I send out SMS of weigh tickets, and reciepts?

Yes, it is built in to Weigh Master Pro

Can I randomize boat launch and flight numbers?


Can we have mupltiple users for weigh in?

Yes, works great for Bump/Queue

What is Bump/Queue Stage Support?

When you have large crowds, adding a bump person in the weigh-in process saves the director a lot of time. The bump person brings up entries, adds the number of fish caught and/or any penalties, and queues the angler as the next to weigh in.

What weight system is used?

You can select either Pounds and Ounces, or Pounds and Hundreths

Will the software do one and two day events?


Can I run mulitple divisions with this software?

Yes, however, you would need to start a second account

Does Weigh In Network offer refunds

No, First, we hope you love the software so much, you would never need one. With Weigh Master Lite and Pro, there is no annual contract and you can simply turn off the service if you need to. Its a subscription which you can expire at any time. What we will is let you demo the software and see how it works for you and your events.

How do you accept payment?

For now, all payments are through paypal with a credit or debit card.

How do I sign up?